San Diego area Professional Organizer, Motivational and
Inspirational Keynote Speaker Nanci McGraw's audiences call her

The First Lady of WOW!
And her message?
"Life Rewards the DO-ers!"™

"DO-ers Create the Oohs, Ahhs, and

WOWs that Get and Keep the Business"


The WOW on HOW to Give Exceptional and Creative Customer Service

Nanci's DO-erism encourages exceptional and creative customer service.' , Timely and terrific for organizations who want their people to stretch, grow, enjoy exceeding expectations, be creative in thinking up ways to DO the extras that brand the business as "marvelous", not just run-of-the-mill. Nanci shares what it takes to go from "bump-along-business-as-usual" to "booming-business-UNusual." This program is heavy on examples of superior internal and external customer satisfaction, and can absolutely improve any work or volunteer environment from A to Z: associations, art galleries... banks... businesses... donut shops... entrepeneurs... hospitals... hotels... realtors... all the way to zoos, and any workplace you think is one.

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