San Diego area Professional Organizer, Motivational and
Inspirational Keynote Speaker Nanci McGraw's audiences call her

The First Lady of WOW!
And her message?
"Life Rewards the DO-ers!"™

Five Breakouts and Seminar Topics (Length: 45 - 90 minutes)
Nanci McGraw, Motivational Speaker

Get Organized!
Take control of the paper and clutter; create systems that work.

Depending on the program length, this could include:

- Learn why chaos is killing you
- Slow down to speed up
- Get a tickle out of time management
- Go for the GOAL and create the BEST kind
- Unclog your reading backlog
- Turn "to-dos" to "Ta-DAHS!"
- Maximize your master list
- Make the trash can your best friend
- Keep your in-box empty
- Learn how to say no
- Control email
- Keep "keepers" for scrapbooks
- Make space work for you
- Create a file system that you'll use
- De-clutter to make a difference
- Use key principles of organization
- Get excited about getting organized!

Manage time!
Maximize your time and minimize your aggravations.

#2     "ClockWise and StressLess Just-In-Time Management"
Depending on this program length, it could include:

- Assess your stress
- Focus on your "gotta haves"
- Select your values and what's important
- Get serious about time
- Learn how to avoid "time-suckers"
- Prioritize and make it practical
- Keep rust-out and burn-out at bay
- Accomplish things you hate to do
- Avoid overdoing things you love to do
- Procrastinate productively
- Use guilt and regret to advantage
- Maximize your prime and down times
- Implement ideas for phone and email control
- Put perfectionism in its place
- Learn the key skill of people who accomplish
- Manage your time, manage your life

Set goals!
Set and achieve goals that matter and reward.

#3     "Ready, Set, GOAL!"
Depending on the program length, it could include:

- Make the BEST kind of goals
- Test your goals for integrity
- Focus on the values behind the goals
- Handle interruptions
- Evaluate and adjust as you go
- Allow for weakness and realism
- Keep primed and pumped
- Reward yourself appropriately
- Get others to support you
- Make professional goals that boost your career
- Make relationship goals that give you balance
- Make financial goals that bring you freedom
- Use the ONE THING principle for powerful living

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Create successful interpersonal communications that foster teamwork.

#4     "Deal with People-the Difficult, Different, and Dynamic!"
Depending on the length, it could include:

- Communicate completely
- Listen to avoid misunderstandings
- Utilize words to advantage
- Use your voice to get attention and results
- Make your body talk and say what you want
- Bring up a subject and solve a problem
- Express your anger and keep your cool
- Deal with other people‘s anger
- Handle sarcasm and sniping
- Identify people's difficult behaviors
- Innoculate yourself against negativity
- Cope with pushy, know-it-all people
- Be more productive with wishy-washy wimps
- Handle interruptions creatively and effectively
- Esteem yourself
- Feel confident and face anyone on any topic
- Motivate others without money
- Positively influence to gain support and power

Sell, motivate, persuade by improving your public speaking skills.

#5     "Speak Up and Stand Out: Make Effective Presentations"
This session could be adapted for 1, 2, 3; hours or a day (maximum 6 hours) or even over 2 days. The longer the session, the more interaction and opportunities for attendees to experiment and get feedback.
Depending on the length, it could include:

- Analyze any fears about public speaking
- Create practical ways to cope with stage fright
- Appeal to your audience
- Assess your readiness and current skill
- Learn how to decide your purpose and get results you want
- Align your words, voice, and body language for your message
- Accelerate speech preparation
- Locate and use appropriate support material
- Enhance listening and learning with visual aids
- Prepare notes and handouts that are easy to follow
- Learn to troubleshoot potential challenges
- Think quickly when called on in meetings and when it counts
- Respond professionally in job, staff, or media interviews
- Use checklists for confidence
- Quickly prepare a scintillating message with 5 minutes notice
- Learn the key components of powerful speaking skills

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Nanci McGraw Motivational Speaker has presented 1,500+ programs in all 50 U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand

Motto: "Add Zip to Your Trip!"

Theme: "Life Rewards the DO-ers!"

Nanci McGraw is a motivational speaker, motivational trainer, motivational author, and award-winning broadcaster. Called a "passionate communicator with creative, clear ideas," she presents up to 150 motivational speaking programs annually. Her motivational programs, keynotes, or seminars have reached upwards of half a million people in all 50 of the United States, seven provinces of Canada, the Caribbean, and four speaking tours to Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Nanci has won over 100 national, state, and local media awards, including two "Golden Mikes," six "Mark Twains," with reports, documentaries, and features airing on ABC, NBC, and the Associated Press. She was News Director of KyXy-FM Radio, San Diego for five years. She brings that same sparkling creativity to her presentations, drawing from her years of experience as corporate trainer, radio anchor/news director and producer/host of her own television show, and educator. She is frequently interviewed for radio, TV and publications as resource expert on her key topics.

Her presentations emphasize time and life management, getting things organized and done, achieving goals, leadership, professionalism, also interpersonal communication and public speaking. She teaches people to think and say, "Ya Gotta Wanna!" and "I Can Do That!" (And they do!) She is the founder of International DO-ers Organization (I.D.O.), and creator of the on-line "YA GOTTA WANNA! " Nanci's NetGazette for DO-ers!T Newsletter.

Nanci is a past president of the National Speakers Association/San Diego Chapter. Her legendary presidential theme, "The Magic of Creating WOW!" resulted in members still referring to her leadership year as the "The Year of the WOW!" For her contributions to the chapter and the speaking industry, Nanci has twice been honored by the chapter as recipient of the Chapter Member of the Year/Jim Cathcart Service Award.

Motivational Speaker Nanci McGraw's happy clients include Air Canada, Andersen Consulting, Avis, Boeing, Eli Lilly, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Marriott, Motorola, NASA, VISA Card Int'l. Nanci is the author of two books: ORGANIZED FOR SUCCESS! Tips for Taking Control of Your Time, Your Space, and Your Life, and Speak Up and Stand Out! How to Make Effective Presentations.


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