San Diego area Professional Organizer, Motivational and
Inspirational Keynote Speaker Nanci McGraw's audiences call her

The First Lady of WOW!
And her message?
"Life Rewards the DO-ers!"™

What People Say About Nanci!
Nanci McGraw Motivational Speaker

Actual comments from Meeting Planners
and Audience Members:

Wow! "WOW!! What an ELECTRIFYING KEYNOTE you gave our team ... Everything I had hoped for, full of energy, invigorating, funny, yet informative and motivating .. How can you keep up that vigor and charismatic drive for two hours? You really gave us a great beginning to our semi-annual meeting ... made the best recipe I know for starting the first day...!"
--Ken Lundin, HDS Services

Wow! "Nanci, you're terrific! In this world of ordinary people, I am glad there is you."
--Mr. Blackwell, internationally-famed fashion critic

Wow! "We are still BUZZING from your keynote presentation! ... Very special day and we want you back!"
--Jo Ann Larson, NASA Space Agency, AFB Edwards, CA

Wow! "A BALL OF ENERGY ... delightful, energizing ... WOW! From my initial inquiry, through the planning process, to the day of the actual event, Nanci made me feel like our event was her number one priority! ... Prepared, customized and just what we wanted!"
--Sue Mason, San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wow! "Heard glowing comments for weeks after your talk ... a highlight in our line-up of speakers for the whole year"
--Eln Albert, Nat'l Assoc. of Professional Saleswomen

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Wow! "You added spark and pizzazz to our line up. I just sit back and bask in the
praise of attendees and staff who are so glad I booked you!

--Diane Purdy, The Gage Group

Wow! "NOTHING BUT GREAT COMMENTS! ... we were very pleased! ... some of our employees have already used the tools you shared!"
--Mike Yunis, TL Partnership/Pepsi Cola

Wow! "SMART, sincere, and EXTREMELY CHARISMATIC! ... instantly grabs focus and leads attendees on an engaging, information-filled journey. We have had Nanci back for the third time ... and again she inspired and enlightened us. At Disney they would call her an "E-ticket!"
--Anthony Bollatta, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association

Wow! "Well beyond our expections ... exceptional ability to quickly read and relate to our group ... kept it interactive ... it was as if she had worked with us for years!"
--Steve Strange , Marriott Hotels and Food Services, Downers Grove, IL

Wow! " She was the HIGHPOINT ... Left us exhilarated and motivated... "
--Jackie Linden, Temple-Inland Mortgage

Wow! "Just what we needed: Encouragement & Excitement."
--Erna Thompson, Junior League

Wow! "You have a real sense of mission. Thank you, Nanci!"
--Stephen R. Covey, author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,
Beyond the 7 Habits, and other books

Wow! "More than fun. More than interesting. You reach beyond all the plastic communication."
--Ruth Cleveland, author, A Kick in the Inspiration

Wow! "HUGE success ... it was everything we hoped it would be, and then some. Valuable content ... informative ... a FUN learning experience! People are so comfortable with you and easily receive what you have to say!"
--Susan McWilliam, IBM

Wow! "USEFUL, EXCITING information ... AMAZING day ... We got the most out of your program ... Thanks, Nanci. Your dedication and devotion to teaching others is obvious!"
--Ligia Thill, VISA Card International

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Wow! "Audience participation and attention during your program was TREMENDOUS ... had ENTHUSIASTIC phone calls for days ... GREAT ROLE MODEL ... so EASY TO WORK WITH!"
--Karen Omstad, American Women in Radio & Television

Wow! "Your creativity, enthusiasm, and love of your work was extremely empowering and motivating."
--Francy Hendrickson, Eli Lilly and Company

Wow! "Nanci herself is a WOW ... great ADVICE we sometimes forget ... we relished her MEMORABLE STORIES ... From all the comments we can only rate Nanci as a WOWing 10!"
--Marlene Zagon, Littlefeet, Inc.

Wow! "..Powerful!"
--Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, author, The Super Woman Syndrome

Wow! "Nanci, you're one in a million. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks."
--Cavett Robert, founder of The National Speakers Association

Wow! "PHENOMENAL presentation! and we keep hearing that from people ... they remember what you said and are saying it around the company, which shows the retention level of your message ... We would recommend you for any kind of program!"
--Brenda Lynch, CEDCO Publishing Co

Wow! "Helpful material ... enthusiasm and inspirational energy. I not only wanted to throw in an 'I believe' on certain points, but to shout 'Amen, sister' on a few others!"
-- D.W. Lindsay, Stone & Briggs Advertising, Madison, WI

Wow! "WOW! You really KNOCKED THE SOCKS OFF of every participant ... from the newly employed to the ones with years of experience ... every single one raved about you ... You gave a breath of fresh air to a lot of dusty, stagnant goals for many of us!"
--Sandra Beehler, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals

Wow! "IMPACT! We love your interactive techniques, tools, your philosophy and SOLUTION-DRIVEN style."
--Patricia Sanders, American Society of Military Comptrollers

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Wow! "IMPRESSIVE ... and AMAZING techniques you used to get our group to learn and remember ... Ideas immediately implementable without difficulty or expense ... Valuable info and realistic guidelines ... and your HUMOR! What a great day!"
--Janelle Frazier, Delicato Vineyards, CA

Wow! " KNOCKED our socks off with her WOW! program ... Our staff gave Nanci EXCELLENT marks on their evaluation forms ... many proclaiming this was our best staff development day ever"
--Nancy Bloh, Long Beach School Financial Credit Union

Wow! "Thank you for sharing your SPIRIT.WELL PREPARED ... Nanci kept us on THE EDGE OF OUR SEATS ... a WOW experience!"
--Mary Gowan, Lifetouch National School Photo Studios

Wow! "EXCELLENT TOOLS ... one attendee used a couple just yesterday in a difficult situation ... Your ability to smoke out my heckler and turn his behavior into an asset has really helped me in my managment role ... Appreciate your flexibility and SPECIAL SKILLS!"
--Henry L.Hornsby, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Wow! "Been on the job for 20 years, ... yet we came away with new ideas and information ... Nanci is the most ENERGETIC AND ENLIGHTENING INDIVIDUAL ... can't say enough good things about Nanci!"
--Jean Krueger, Clark Oil and Refining Corporation

Wow! "SUCCESS! Quality program ... and the evals revealed participants benefited greatly ... OUTSTANDING presentation."
--Joan Bueto, Director, Family Support Center, Dept. of the Air Force

Wow! "Nanci has made a UNIQUE DIFFERENCE in our program ... we have had her back again and again ... she builds a positive bridge and the participants call her well-informed, creative, with useful and practical ideas ... Wonderful presenter, with a positive message ... would recommend her!"
--Bette Mercer, United Food & Commercial Workers Union

Wow! "Nanci was very well received and did a TERRIFIC job ... INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING!"
--John Bagley, U.S. Department of Justice, INS

Wow! "Excellent, valuable, entertaining."
--Marilyn Leifer, Hewlett-Packard

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Wow! " ..INCREDIBLE support and attention from a group of low-key assessors!"
--J. Gallagher, San Francisco Bay Area Assessors

Wow! "The best, professional, drove points home."
--Brian West, Calif. Gov Finance Officers Association

Wow! "Absolutely delightful, flair, professionalism, and humor."
--Shirley Loop, Kelly Temp Services

Wow! "Dynamic style, outstanding."
--Margaret Davalos, IBM

Wow! "A spirit-lifter, honest, direct, perceptive."
-- Gwen Amos, graphic artist

Wow! "Intelligent, full of spunk."
-- Sue Bender, author Plain and Simple

Wow! "Success.informative.enthusiastically received."
-- Sara Larson, IRS

Wow! "A natural, with techni-colorful delivery!"
-- C.C., AT&T, Ventura, CA

Wow! "Phenomenal..."
-- Brenda Lynch, CEDCO Publishing

Wow! "Enthusiasm ... and sense of humor."
-- D.R., Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Wow! "A '10' presentation!"
-- T.W., The L.A. Times, Los Angeles, CA

Wow! "Dazzled, fabulous, fun & memorable."
-- David Bishop, UC Irvine

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Wow! "Majestically done."
-- Rob Branch, Palomar Community College

Wow! "WEALTH of information... want to keep in touch!"
--Susan delos Santos, Filipino Press

... and on and on they go-

Wow! "Nanci has returned several times to our happy participants at our Houston office."
-- Andersen Consulting

Wow! "...EVERYONE WANTED TO ATTEND and they were SO happy they did!"
-- Options Clearing Corporation

Wow! "THANKS for a GREAT made a special day even MORE SPECIAL."
-- Professional Women in Insurance

Wow! "EXCITED about your program....great addition to our line up of speakers...and help for our overwhelmed accountants "
-- RemX Financial-San Diego, CA

Wow! "...EXCELLENT presentation"
-- Thunderbird Bank of Arizona

Wow! "A JUMP START and we needed that." -A new DO-er,"-- I.M.


Wow! "HELPED ME A LOT! Thanks again.and above all, motivation!" -- J.B.

Wow! "Had a great time. You're the bomb (as my teen girls would say! -evidently that means something VERY GOOD)" -- M.K.

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Wow! "SOooooo INSPIRATIONAL .I'm following through." -- M.N.

Wow! "OUTSTANDING keynote .valuable information ..." -- M.L.



Wow! "You are a MASTER COMMUNICATOR!" -- R.H.

Wow! "Nanci is FUNNY.VERY REAL ... all her motivational STORIES WERE GREAT! I'm motivated...!." -- A.B.

Wow! "Nanci makes you feel good!" -- T.K.

Wow! "Nanci is FUN and SHARES REAL LIFE. I appreciated the stories about her daddy." -- O.P.

Wow! "Love Nanci's ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, HUMOR and good handouts (easy to use). She is PRACTICAL, uses EVERYDAY EXAMPLES, BELIEVES IN WHAT SHE'S DOING. and I LOVE HER HONESTY. Also her story about Huey, Duey, and Louie & Uncle Scrooge." -- S.T.

Wow! "What did I like about Nanci's keynote? EVERYTHING." -- R.W.

Wow! "Nanci is very INTERESTING, ENERGETIC. She HELD MY ATTENTION.Appreciated her PERSONAL LIFE STORIES, about her children, husband. I love her sensitivity." -- F.R.

Wow! "Nanci's motivational style 'IMPRESSED' ideas upon me. I'll remember them. I know where I will start, because I know more about my challenges." -- W.T.

Wow! "VERY WELL PRESENTED Keynote. I loved Nanci's 'Ya Gotta Wanna' and her life experiences that apply to the topic. I'm excited. I wanna!" -- B.D.

Wow! "Liked Nanci's PLAIN TALK and COMMON SENSE. I appreciated her 'Motivational Monitors' and learned to let go of what is not important." -- E.U.

Wow! "Very PRACTICAL motivational keynote. RE-INVIGORATING with great ideas. Loved all her stories." -- C.R.

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Wow! "Nanci's ideas, hints and systems are IMMEDIATELY DO-ABLE. I really liked the setting goals section about setting priorities to accomplish them." -- P.T.

Wow! "LIKED EVERYTHING, and especially the part about goal-setting. I had not set any goals in a long time. Loved learning all about ways to get organized and staying that way." -- G.V.

Wow! "Loved Nanci's NO NONSENSE APPROACH to tackling projects...and getting things done. Everything about her keynote talk was a wow! Really appreciated her stories about her family, her kids." -- O.U.

Wow! "LOVED Nanci's ENTHUSIASM, her life, the doers idea, her personal motivational stories, her pepperoni principle, and not trying to organize at the speed of life." -- D.R.

Wow! "What did I like about Nanci's keynote? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Loved the stories about Texas and her Daddy stories." -- T.S.

Wow! "Nanci, you are AMAZING. There are so many motivational speakers who can't keep our attention for five minutes, and you kept us awake and learning all day. UNBELIEVABLE. Thank you. I'M MOTIVATED to attack my disorganization and goals on many fronts." -- M.J.

Wow! "About 5 or so years ago I attended one of your keynotes in Allentown, PA...I STILL REMEMBER WHAT YOU SAID!.Thanks for motivating me!" -- L.T.

Wow! "From the minute I met you... I knew that the meeting that night was going to be AS DYNAMIC and LIVELY as THE FIREWORKS at DISNEYLAND! I was not disappointed. YOUR ENERGY REALLY LIVENED UP THE ROOM! Especially after a long day at work.everyone seemed motivated and energized. I'm much more conscious now of how I can bring the "WOW" into my personal as well as business life! Thanks for a great keynote presentation and for sharing your knowledge with us. It was THOUGHT-PROVOKING and ENTERTAINING.!" -- J. O.

Wow! "I'M STILL SMILING.. from last week and your motivational presentation.YOU ARE TRULY AN INSPIRATION." --T.M.

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