San Diego area Professional Organizer, Motivational and
Inspirational Keynote Speaker Nanci McGraw's audiences call her

The First Lady of WOW!
And her message?
"Life Rewards the DO-ers!"™

It's Easy to Book Nanci!This week at USCD
Nanci McGraw Motivational Speaker

1) WHY?
Why book Nanci, a Professional Speaker?


Your group will benefit frommy years and years ofpublic speaking experience. I promise that I will use everything I致e learned about the most effective ways to positively communicate. I値l use all experience I have gained in reaching upwards of half a million people speaking as follows:

- in all 50 of the United States
- seven provinces of Canada
- the Caribbean
- three speaking tours toHong Kong, Singapore,Malaysia, and Bangkok, Thailand

I also promise to draw from all my experience as a broadcast journalist and use the same energetic and compelling style that won more than 100 media awards for me.


I promise that I値l be available to discuss your needs, your group, and what you want to accomplish at your event.I will know what your organization does. I will know the theme of your meeting and how I fit into the agenda and flow.I will work with the event planner to make sure my program, topic, and title meshes with the goals of your event. I will also let you know my travel plans and itinerary. I will work with you and any set up, visual aids, or special arrangements, so everything is clear. I値l be sure you have my bio, topic description, introduction and other items you値l need for your promotional materials.

Arrival at Your Event

I will help you breathe easy, by notifying you when I arrive, and contact you if any delays occur. I am there for you and will be available to you for any last minute details that need to be discussed. I will gladly meet members of your committee or group to begin the rapport-building! I will stick to our agreement regarding expenses for travel or hotel.I will check the meeting room usually the previous evening, but definitely one hour prior to my program on event day.

On-site Double Check

I will arrive early at the beginning of the event day, or not less than one hour prior to my program. I will be double-checking the set up and sound system. I値l have another copy of my easy to read introduction (just in case!) and work with the set up crew to maximize the audience impact.I will work with helpers in your group to efficiently pass out any handouts. I will chat with attendees prior to the program and find ways to incorporate ideas and insights I receive from them. And not to worry, I値l be close by and available when it痴 my turn to go ON!


I値l kick off my program cheerfully and with energy. I will involve the audience with appropriate involvers, such as questions, idea-sharing,eye contact and friendly exercises. I値l react maturely and good humor and be flexible if any problems arise. I値l tell my stories and weave my content throughout, always being open to being 段n the moment and adding what I feel your group needs to hear about my message. I will watch my clock, adjust if necessary, and keep your event on track. I promise to do my absolute best to help your attendees feel SO glad they attended.

Follow up

After my program, it is my pleasure to hang around awhile to answer questions and relate to audience members. If it is part of our agreement, I will be available also at my display table.When I depart, I will do so quietly, involving little or no effort on your part. For any travel expenses still outstanding, I値l itemize and invoice you promptly after the program.I will promptly fill any orders for my products, and send my DO-ers NetGazette to any of your attendees who have signed up to receive this free newsletter. I値l discuss ways to continue the impact of my message as a follow-up, if desired.I will never reveal any confidential or sensitive information I have learned about your organization.I will gladly accept follow-up phone calls or emails from audience members or your staff.

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2) HOW? How do you make sure Nanci is available?

In a speaker's world things are constantly changing, but check out Nanci's schedule. It's a quick and first guide to check immediate availability. However, sometimes things are flexible. Please email Nanci to ask about a certain date and share details of your group and event. Or if you're in a hurry, please phone toll-free (800) 578-2278.

How do you book Nanci?

After the date, group, venue, and program are verbally agreed upon, she "pencils" in the date on her calendar. To "ink it" Nanci draws up a simple Letter of Agreement. A person from your organization who is authorized to sign it, signs one copy and sends it plus a check for 50% of the agreed fee, payable to:

Nanci McGraw Organization
33789 Paradise Lane
Wildomar, CA 92595

Nanci then first books travel, and hotel and makes any other special arrangements to be there for your event. The balance of the fee is due on program day. If travel and hotel expenses can be faxed prior to the event, these can be added to the balance check, or if not, then Nanci will fax them to you within 10 days of your event, and these expenses are due upon receipt.

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3) WHAT?
What program do you want Nanci to present?

Choose from four Nanci "I Can DO That!" Keynotes.
These are all specific variations on her theme: "Life Rewards the DO-ers!T". They are all participative, motivational, energizing, full of stories and examples, and deal with achievement, professionalism, exceeding expectations, and being more productive. Length is flexible for your kickoff, luncheon, or closing program. Attendees leave feeling so-o glad they came!

If you need a speaker for Seminars/Breakouts, then you have a menu of topics from which to choose, including getting organized, managing time, setting and achieving goals, communicating well and dealing with all kinds of people, or public speaking. These are flexible in length, participative, engaging, have "standout handouts" and created to

What set up and AV does Nanci prefer?

Nanci is experienced with audiences of all sizes, and in all configurations of set ups, however to maximize the experience for your attendees:

Microphone: (needed for groups of 30 or more)
- Working (adequate/sensitive) microphone.
- Lavaliere microphone, wireless; with cord is also fine.

Set-Up variations:
- Theatre style, chevron rows, middle aisle or two aisles.
- Round tables, with attendees seated only on the side facing front.
- Classroom style, with attendees seated on the side facing front.
- If food is served, have Nanci speak after the meal, or at least when attendees are on dessert.

- For seminars/breakouts Nanci often uses an overhead projector and screen. Double check to see if she'll need one for your program.

- Front of room, a 6 foot skirted table for her props and "stuff"
- Display table (6 foot skirted) in back of the room, or in the hallway or exhibition area, for her products.

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How much does it cost to hire Nanci, a pro?

Please email Nanci for specifics. She has a fee for corporate and a non-profit / association / government fee. Share the details of your event, theme, venue, group, and possible dates. The key to booking Nanci is FIRST availability, then to check to see if there is a "fit" for topic, style, group, and budget. Feel free to see if Nanci is available too for emergency fill-in! She has made many clients happy at their last minute!

See what clients/meeting planners say about Nanci!